Weighing and resistance against derailment

As part of type testing trains need to ensure that they are not susceptible to a derailment. This test is called Δ Q/Q (Delta Q over Q) - to pass this test the train needs to be balanced correctly.

Meridian Generic Rail balance trains not only as a matter of course when type testing rolling stock. We are conscious as a company that this should be being done at certain intervals, especially after major overhaul work to ensure the original Δ Q/Q (Delta Q over Q) type test has not been compromised.

As well as encouraging best practice by encouraging more delta q over q testing Meridian Generic Rail worked in collaboration with a partner who devised an algorithm which simplified and made the process of wheel balancing more efficient, accurate, and consistent that we use to this day. This algorithm can be adapted quickly to apply to all rolling stock models worldwide.

We welcome the opportunity to work in this technical area. Feel free to contact us to discuss all your weighing needs. 

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    We'll then present the results and either train your team to weigh your stock when required or implement the fixes to your stock ourselves, whichever suits you.

"We've removed the risk and de-coded the black art of weighing and balancing."Meridian Generic Rail Limited
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Input Provided :


"We provided valuable input for an incident caused by the misapplication of weighing and balancing principles on a train".

We implemeneted :

High Speed Train

"We used our algorithm on a well known high-speed train that reduced the original time consuming tasks of weighing by 1200%".