Reliability Improvements

Reliability is a constant measure of your current fleet performance based on mileage done between failures or MDBF.

Failure to measure or control your MDBF can lead to :

  • Incurring of network and other operator fines
  • Reduction of availability to passengers (which leads to poor customer perception)
  • Deflated asset value
  • Defective maintenance costs increase

Meridian Generic Rail has a proven track record increasing MDBF. Some of our methods include the devising of statistical modelling and analytical tools so we can visualise trends and make fleetwide data-driven decisions.

Once we have the correct data required we can put together a reliability improvement roadmap which is your shortcut to experienced-based impactful decision making that raises your MDBF.

We also provide the resources and skilled team to implement the reliability improvement roadmap if you don't have the required resources at your disposal.

Contact us to discuss and arrange an initial consultation.

How we work

  • Consultation

    We will discuss with you your current MDBF measuring capability and goals.

  • Data Capture

    We will ensure that relevant data is obtainable or implement new data capture methods.

  • Analysis and review

    We will analyse captured data and review it.

  • Produce Roadmap

    We will produce a roadmap of tasks and objectives based on the review.

  • Implement Roadmap

    We will provide suitable resources to implement your roadmap tasks in order to start controlling your MDBF.

"The right decision on the correct data is what counts."Meridian Generic Rail Limited
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We did it for :

Northern Line

"We increased the MDBF of the 95TS by 27% in nine months".

We improved :

Class 458

"The improvement on Class 458 Juniper was from 2,000 miles MDBF to in excess of 76,000 MDBF in 9 months. The most improved EMU in the UK (ever!!!)".