Technical Hit Squad

It is apparent that the misapplication of experienced teams in our industry can lead to :

  • Delays to deadlines
  • Rising costs
  • Issues with quality
  • Safety risks

Our Solution

Meridan Generic Rail have devised a solution for this that we call our technical hit squads. We specify trusted in-house, skilled, time-served engineers for specific projects. This leads to knowledgeable, flexible and agile teams that problem solve by combining historic and cutting-edge technologies in order to conclude projects successfully.

Examples of when our technical hit squads have been deployed are when :

  • There is a technically challenging defect on a train
  • When penalty incurring deadlines have been enforced and are likely to be broken.
  • A project lacks resource or sufficent direction.
  • When foreign constraints can affect a project timeline

If you need a reactive technical hit squad rapidly deployed to your rolling stock project contact Meridian Generic Rail today. We are available 24/7 for emergency situations.

How we work

  • Contact us

    Update us on the situation so we can assess your needs and timeline(s).

  • Selection

    We then select the team required to deliver and provide guide costs.

  • Order confirmation

    We'll need email confirmation of your request to proceed.

  • Technical Hit Squad Deployed

    Your bespoke team are deployed to solve your issue.

  • Rectify and Report

    Your issue is rectified and your report notifies you of the work completed.

"Our technical hit squads are the Thunderbirds of the rolling stock industry."Meridian Generic Rail Limited
Contact us

We did it for :


"We responded to a reformation project with a set deadline. Resource and skill was not available, we deployed a team immediately to complete the reformation project that was otherwise stalling"

We responded to :

A unit defect

"We flew a team out to the Czech Republic and conducted two wheelset changes in one day".