Universal Barrier Vehicles

Our Universal Barrier Vehicles have been developed to transform the rail vehicle haulage industry with a more efficient connection system. This has created a simplified process for the transportation of Rolling Stock vehicles providing efficiencies both in time and money, as well as reducing the risk of unexpected delays.

Universal Barrier Vehicles

A more efficient connection system

The industry collaboration between MGRL and Dellner has created a product solution where this ground-breaking new design provides key benefits to the industry and is applicable across a huge range of the current Rolling Stock in existence today.

The Universal Barrier Vehicles have a unique coupling system that is fully height adjustable, operating within a range between 670-1070mm above rail level and also has the capability to be rapidly reconfigured for different coupler types.

Groundbreaking coupling system

This adjustable height coupler system paired with the Dellner train connection coupler, makes for a perfect match, enabling quick and efficient coupling to >90% of Rolling Stock.

This ground-breaking and versatile coupling system is installed on the fully refurbished Universal Barrier Vehicles that are now available to lease, supporting the rail industry with an alternative transportation option whether for commissioning, homologation, delivery, testing or rescue purposes.

Greater hauling options

By removing the need to use different barrier vehicles to move each type of train, the Universal Barrier Vehicles reduce operational challenges that often cause delays meaning that transport companies will now be able to offer reduced transit times and increased flexibility.

Importantly, our vehicles are also cleared for use in the UK, mainland Europe and the Channel Tunnel. This means that pan-European use isn’t an issue, which helps to cope with long distance overland delivery of freight. With trade pressures already mounting, supply chains could do with as many advantages as possible.

This important design feature provides any freight or train operating company the ability to haul a huge range of mainline and metro Rolling Stock vehicles including London Underground fleets.

There are very few vehicle types that the Universal Barrier Vehicles won’t be suitable for. They really are a universal solution to solve the problems in the barrier vehicle sector.

Dellner Ltd & Meridian Generic Rail Ltd, with a strong track record of creating and introducing innovative rail products, join forces Meridian Generic Rail Limited
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Coming Q4 2021 / Q1 2022...

In addition, we are imminently fitting our Brake Interface Unit to all our Universal Barrier Vehicles. Ordinarily, during haulage operations, the brake system on the hauled unit is unpowered and therefore all brake effort required to stop the consist must be provided by a Locomotive, barrier wagons and several brakeforce wagons.

Our proprietary Brake Interface Unit (BIU) connects the brake system on the locomotive to that on the hauled unit which eliminates the need to use any brakeforce wagons. This will significantly reduce the total length and mass of the train consist, thereby reducing the locomotive fuel consumption as well as providing Freight Operating Companies attractive reductions in track access charges.

Key benefits and facts of the Universal Barrier Vehicles
  • The proprietary coupler system is compatible with over 90% of existing Mainline and Metro Rolling Stock
  • The coupler system adjusts in height in just a few minutes, without the need for huge engineering and maintenance teams to be on hand
  • The coupler head can be changed in as little as 2 hours to meet client needs in any siding or goods yard – no need to visit a depot, saving a lot of additional time and expense
  • A Screw hook coupling is fitted at one end and allows direct coupling to a locomotive. This is a quick and simple system that doesn’t take extensive training or expertise.
  • The vehicles can be used to Loco haul a train consist of up to 1085 tonnes – enough to move 12 car electric or diesel multiple units
  • They can carry a 6-tonne payload inside each vehicle, allowing large loads of goods to be transported at the same time. This saves time, cost and additional multiple trips.
  • The vehicle body side doors open allowing goods to be loaded easily. Gives more options for transportation and reduced loading time at a depot.
  • They can be safely moved as part of a single wagon load rake or as a special move, making logistics planning a much easier process
  • The Brake interface unit when installed will hugely increase haulage energy efficiency

These improvements accumulate, making for an effective and efficient solution to rail transportation problems.

How to lease

  • Define your requirements

    The Universal Barrier Vehicles from Meridian Generic Rail Limited are available to lease for a wide variety of purposes. We can offer a large range of services to suit your particular requirements, including bespoke packages.

  • Cost and support

    We offer very competitive rates and flexible maintenance support options are available too.

  • Tailored to you

    All of our vehicle leases are individually tailored to your business needs, so we work with you as a partner to ensure we offer the most suitable package for you.

For more information on how MGRL can work with you, to discuss your requirements or to arrange a lease of any of our products contact usMeridian Generic Rail Limited
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