Innovative Modifications

Modifications to existing rolling stock typically enhance reliability, safety, energy consumption or user experience. Sometimes rolling stock modifications are mandatory due to legislation.

Meridian Generic Rail offer standard modification roll-out services to owners and operators who have already devised their modifications for their stock. We are happy to review your modification proposals and timelines in an effort to minimise disruption to the operation of the railway. We only use designated existing time-served pool of in-house engineers.

Our reputation is based on innovation in the early research stages of rolling stock modification. We are happy to tailor solutions to the modifications you may be currently researching, our expertise may well be the difference between modifications that can and can't be released successfully.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies and legislation that drives the demand for our innovative and cost-effective modifications. If you wish to arrange a free consultation with us feel free to call we are happy to help. If you wish to arrange a modification test or trial get in contact. We are happy to discuss even the smallest modification or discuss any modification ideas. If you wish to discuss any of our previous projects we've worked on do not hesitate to call us to discuss.

How we work

  • Modification identification

    We can assist you in identifying areas where modifications can improve your rolling stock or comply with legislation.

  • Cost and trial

    We can calculate the cost of your modification and arrange the first trial fit.

  • Deliver Results

    We then deliver you the results of your test modification and report back on the modification benefit.

  • Fleet Fit

    We then roll out your rolling stock modification.

"If we can't save you time we will save you money..." Meridian Generic Rail Limited
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We are currently trialling for :


"We have designed the interface and installed the intelligent pump on a class 170".

We rolled out :

Energy Metering

"We designed the interface and first retro fleet fitment in Europe".

We are currently working on :

Stabling Mode

"We designed and are in the final stages of deploying stabling mode for ASR".