Transporting and Reforming

The transportation or collection of rolling stock can be necessary on special occasions such as for :

  • taking delivery of new stock at the docks
  • heavy maintenance
  • collision damage
  • delivery to or from a test location

Our Methods

There are two methods to move rolling stock:

The disadvantage of this is that the vehicles have to move individually and time is lost in reconnecting and re-testing them. Sometimes however this is unavoidable. For the road haulage method Meridian Generic Rail has an established relationship with Allelys Heavy Haulage Ltd in excess of 16 years and we have an effective internal process that ensures that your rolling stock move goes to plan.

The preferred method of moving rolling stock is by rail transit, however, due to large amounts of legislation and many other factors such as braking and coupling interfaces, this can be a time-consuming process and requires specialist planning, couplers, modelling, locomotives and additional accompanying rolling stock.

Approvals Procedure

Our approach when transporting rolling stock via rail transit is to commission a GAUGING study, liase with Network Rail to gain a GAUGING CERTFICATE and subsequently obtain the STATEMENT of COMPATIBILITY. From a technical point of view we are able to provide braking calculations and any necessary TEMPORARY STATEMENT OF VEHICLE CONFIGURATION certification. 

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    "We were the first company to take a UK train and deliver it from Bremerhaven Docks to VUZ in the Czech Republic."Meridian Generic Rail Limited
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    Did you know?

    Meridian Generic Rail has been heavily involved in the design of both innovative brake interface units (BIU's) and worked with OEMS such as Dellner to design and manufacture bespoke mechanical couplings specifically used when transporting rolling stock.

    We also provide training and competency assessments in the use of the BIU's and mechanical couplings used in the transporting of rolling stock.

    We self enable :


    "We designed a unique coupler specifically for the transporting of rolling stock".