Level 4 and 5 Maintenance

There are two types of maintenance carried out on rolling stock - light and heavy otherwise known as level 4 and 5 respectively. A third type - heavy unplanned maintenance is reactive and can range from minor incident damage all the way up to collision repair.

The team at Meridian Generic Rail have over 15 years experience in the provision of level 4 and 5 maintenance services to the industry.   

Level 4 and 5 schedule not in place.

In most cases we can produce VMI documentation for any rolling stock that does not currently have a maintenance schedule in place. We review OEM guidelines in order to set pioneering level 4 and/or 5 schedules. We customise the schedule based on the duty cycles of the equipment involved. We also update or issue VMI documentation for any innovative modifications we supply.

Level 4 and 5 schedule in place / in need of improvement.

We can review current level 4 and/or 5 maintenance commitments, optimise and balance those schedules for best possible efficiency. In most case, this involves the editing and reissuing of new VMI documentation We also review the supply chain management and float-levels of all spares and consumables that relate to that specific VMI STAR-CHART

Benefits of Level 4 and 5 Maintenance.

A healthy approach to level 4 and/or 5 routine maintenance reduces the reliance on preventative maintenance and defective maintenance which we also provide by way of our technical hit squads. A review of your level 4 and/or 5 maintenance requirements is an expected part of the process when working on reliability improvements. We would be happy to discuss the provision of resource to complete your maintenance requirements both light and heavy at a depot of your choice. 

Incident damage and collision repairs.

The team at Meridian Generic Rail have partnered with accredited consultancies for over 20 years specifically working on projects where a major incident has occurred. Typically, rolling stock that has been damaged gets allocated to a repairers site such as Crewe and Wolverton.

We work providing the technical, logistical and project management as well as managing the necessary repairs and the reintroduction and commisioning of the stock back into service. We work closely with Loss Adjusters, insurance companies, accredited technical consultancies, train owners and ROSCO's

If you are involved in a collision project feel free to contact us for advice.

How we work

  • Request for Maintenance

    We check current schedule requirements.

  • Price to your requirements

    We quote to your needs.

  • Provide expertise and resource

    We set your maintenance requirements in place as a one-off pioneer or run your maintenance or overhaul on your behalf.

  • Monitor and Review

    We will keep you up to date with any maintenance schedule assigned to us.

"Our experience in all facets of Level 5 maintenance in the industry is unmatched in the industry"Meridian Generic Rail Limited
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We can :

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"We undertook all 395 management of overhauls to date including writing all COI's and VOI's from scratch with just four people".

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465 Traction Re-power

"We replaced 194 powerpacks - 2 trains a week fitted and tested".

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"Pioneering paperless technology using ExcelWraps".

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High Speed COllision

"We were the first UK collaboration to repair a high speed train".